About Us

Employee Benefit Exchange Corporation has existed for 26 years with a primary goal in mind. That goal is to be a leader in the education and service to small and mid-size employers. Businesses with fewer than 200 employees are the heart and sole of America. We love working with the small and mid-size business community because they are believers in hard work, entrepreneurship, putting people to work, and most of all supporting the Great American Dream.

We dedicate our work to them because they are dedicated to their work. To moving their company forward, to working toward profitability. What we can do for them is to allow the business owners to spend the time working in their business not on the business.

Employee Benefits* are important. Employee Benefits attract and retain great employees. They show that the employer cares about the welfare of their employees and their families. They provide income, pay medical expenses, promote dental hygiene, pay for prescriptions, pay off mortgages, and provide long term care during a critical illness.    

In today’s economy, employers want to put money into product, inventory, profitability, or in some form or income producing activity. Many employers cannot afford a full Human Resource Department to handle the various insurance products that an employer needs or must have to operate their business. Therefore, Employee Benefit Exchange Corp. has been able to come along side of the employer to assist them in this regard. We are able to quote, review, obtain pricing for, and install all the various employee benefit programs for our clients.

In 1984 Phil Bobadilla formed Bobadilla and Associates. The Employee Benefit Consulting firm originated in La Mirada Ca. At that time, Bobadilla and Associates was servicing clients in CA., NV. and AZ. The Internet, 800 telephone numbers, and the desk top computer gave Bobadilla and Associates the opportunity to be multi site.

In 1990 Phil Bobadilla moved the office location to Chandler Arizona and operated as Bobadilla & Associates until 1998. In 2003 Bobadilla and Associates changed names to Employee Benefit Exchange Corporation. The name was changed for perpetuation purposes. New name, but the same mission statement, dedication to service, and love for America’s entrepreneurs’ continues.

Our goal is:  To be a strategic partner and a part of the decision making process within the small to mid-size employer community.


Phil Bobadilla Pres. EBX

* The term “Employee Benefits” includes, but not limited to: Workers Compensation, Business Liability, Medical, Dental, Vision, Disability Income, Pension Plans, Payroll Processing, H.R. Administrative Services, Claims Service, Medicare Supplements, Long Term Care Coverage, Critical Illness Coverage., Wellness Programs, and Employee Assistant Plans. Documents such as Cafeteria 125 Plans, H.R.A. plans and H.S.A. Plans. COBRA Administration and Debit Card Administration.