Mission Statement

Employee Benefit Exchange ( EBX ) is built on the premise that not all small to medium size business are the same. Each of the Companies we consult with has their own goals and philosophy of how they want to attract and retain employees. It is therefore much more important that we consult and listen to our clients as they describe the company model for the type of plans they wish to design and implement within their Companies. Dual option, buy up plans are more popular than ever. Plans that allow for richer benefits for preventive services but higher hospital deductibles for potential major medical claims should they occur, are one way to keep Employee Benefit Costs in line.

EBX specializes in taking time with each owner officer to ask in-depth questions that will lead us to a conclusion of what the goals for the employer are and how we need to design their plan to accomplish it. Government and I.R.S. approved plans help employers to save payroll tax dollars. Plans like H.R.A, Section 105, Section 125, Premium only Pre-Tax Plans, Health Savings Accounts, Self Directed Accounts, etc. can help in this regard. After analyzing all options, we will write a full report on conclusions and recommendations for each client.

By taking more time to understand each clients goals for their Employee Benefit Programs, we have been able to help Employers to attract and retain a higher quality of "Work Force" within their company.

Here are some of the services that you can expect from our working alliance:

  • A Complete Analysis of each of the Benefit Programs that are offered by the Employer.
  • A written summary of recommendations for designing or re-designing benefit plans with cost reduction in mind.
  • If the suggestions for plan designs are acted upon, we will conduct employee overview meetings at a convenient time and place.
  • H.R. Training is available to help with the administration of Employee Benefit Programs. A Contact Sheet is given to the H.R. Personnel so that web sites, email communication, and claims administration is handled in a more efficient way.
  • If carriers have web site portals available, we will teach the H.R. Dept. Personnel how to use these sites and how to manage, billings, I.D. Cards, Provider Networks, enrollment, dis-enrollment, claims tracking, claims payments, COBRA, HIPPA, etc.
  • Field Client Service Representatives are available to accomplish the above. Only one CSR is assigned per 100 clients to allow for a quick response to clients.

Products that we support:

  • Business Life Insurance
  • Group Dental Plans
  • Group Disability Plans
  • Group Life Insurance Plan
  • Group Medical Plans
  • Individual Life Insurance
  • Insurance Funding Vehicles for Business Buy Out Agreements
  • Vision Plans
  • Business Liability & Workers Compensation
  • Individual Disability Plans
  • Employee Assistance Programs ( EAP )
  • Cafeteria Plan Section 125
  • Health Reimbursement Plans, Section 105
  • Pension & Profit Sharing Plans
  • Individual Medical Plans
  • Medicare Supplements
  • Long Term Care Plans
  • Payroll Processing