Full Service Insurance Broker Serving Small to Medium Businesses

We Go Beyond Your Expectations™

Offering the right benefits is key to attracting and retaining the best employees in a competitive and rapidly changing business environment. Employee Benefit Exchange, Corp. is your strategic partner for selecting and managing employee benefits and business insurance. We specialize in helping small to mid-size companies evaluate and select the benefits and insurance that best fit the business. We offer superior service throughout the process, from review to quote to implementation.

How Can EBX Help You?

EBX is a full service insurance broker serving small to medium sized businesses throughout the U.S. Our service philosophy goes beyond our portfolio of carriers and products. We are your business partner—helping you anticipate employee needs and plan for the future.

We Are Your Employee Benefits Specialist and Business Insurance Broker

How We Go Beyond Your Expectations

By setting expectations up front, we’re able to deliver service far beyond others in our industry. When working with EBX, you can expect a thorough analysis and written summary of recommendations; HR and employees support in adopting the plan; and a knowledgeable, customer service-focused account manager. We have a finely tuned discover and implementation process:

Step 1: Discover

To start, we conduct an in-depth analysis of your employee benefit programs, exploring opportunities to provide value-added cost savings programs and services.

Step 2: Design

Using the information gathered, along with our industry experience, we design employee benefit programs that are unique to your business and tailored to your employees’ needs.

Step 3: Delivery

EBX guides and oversees the transition of your employee benefit programs using our onboarding process, allowing you to focus on running your business.

Step 4: Administration and Beyond!

Throughout the year, your EBX Benefit Specialist handles the day-to-day needs of your benefit programs. Our commitment to ongoing service creates a lasting client relationship.

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